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Cabinet Painting vs Cabinet Refacing

If you’re in the middle of redesigning or just want to spruce up an old kitchen design, you might be considering a new look for your kitchen cabinets. You can save money by not replacing your cabinets with brand new ones by the available options of refacing cabinets or painting them.

Both cabinet painting and cabinet refacing are the best methods to reform your kitchen. You must choose the method which is affordable to you. Ultimately, you’re trying to make the most out of your old cabinets, so you need to choose your new kitchen look based around their condition and style.

What is Cabinet Painting?

Cabinet Painting is definitely less expensive then refacing. It’s exactly what it sounds like, we come in and repaint your existing cabinet doors and drawers with new paint We paint the cabinet frames that are screwed into the walls and floors. This process is fast and you never really lose the use of your kitchen.

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet Refacing is when you give your cabinets a new look by replacing the front facing doors and hardware but leaving the cabinetry framework in place. The cabinets frames and internal shelves remain the same, but you get brand new cabinet doors, hinges, handles, and fixtures. This is a more expensive process when compared to painting and also takes longer.

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